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Between Good And Evil, R. Michael Phillips

London’s East End, once known for poor boroughs and a derelict rail yard, is enjoying an optimistic resurgence. It’s becoming an affordable option for middle class residents looking to build a better life. Despite the sweeping out of old rubbish, a cautious step is still advised when passing a few remaining dark alleys. If only Mary Walsh had listened.​


The Lady In The Glass (Working title) 

by R. Michael Phillips

When Detective Arkwrytte steps in to protect a young detective’s career it

sets off a series of events that dredge up his past, drawing him unwillingly

back into the department where he was forced to retire or face prosecution. 

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R. Michael Phillips

Other books by R. Michael Phillips:

Passage Of Crime, R. Michael Phillips

Ernie’s life is once again disrupted after the discovery of the body of a local secretary in London’s East End. Inspector Flannel is called to the crime scene by Prophet Brown, a pathetic, disfigured little man who happened upon the body of the young girl. After checking into the girl's background, Flannel discovers she isn't at all the innocent girl she appears to be. What is more alarming is the young girl and the murder scene fit the profile of five other victims of an 8-year-old unsolved case.